The CW’s 2022 cancellations due to mergers and streaming

Picture: The CW For fans of The CW’s original programming, it’s been a tough few days. Not only fan favorites like Legends of tomorrow and batman was abruptly canceled, earlier this week the network said goodbye to other series, including Naomi, charmed, and Roswell, New Mexico. There will still be original content for the 2022-23 … Read more

Doctor Strange 2’s Wanda Twist Plays On Its Worst Comic Book Tropes

How sanity is the Scarlet Witch, if not persevering tropes?Picture: John Byrne, Terry Austin and Gaspar Saladino/Marvel Comics In a medium where long-lived superhero characters have roller-coaster ups and downs over the course of their careers, few have experienced downs like the scarlet witch. Even ascendant as part of the avant-garde in the The Fourth … Read more

Orville Season 3 Releases New Hulu Trailer

Hey, we missed them too! After such a drought new Orville content, things are finally heating up as the show long-awaited return (and debut on Hulu!) fast approaching. Today, that means a brand new trailer that previews what to expect from the show’s third season, The Orville: new horizons. Looks like the crew of The … Read more

Teenage Engineering makes the Op-1 “a hundred times” better

Teenage Engineering makes the Op-1 “a hundred times” better

Teenage Engineering was recently in the spotlight for helping Panic create his portable playdate, but the company is best known for its brilliant OP-1 portable synthesizer and sequencer. He was a beloved electronic instrument for musicians for 11 years now, so instead of completely reinventing it, the company instead gave it some major feature updates … Read more

Netflix Resident Evil showrunner trailer and explanation

They have red on them.Screenshot: netflix You played the games, have you seen the moviesand now Netflix brings you a brand new version of resident Evil unlike anything you’ve seen before. The first trailer for the mysterious and highly anticipated show has just been released and io9 told showrunner Andrew Dabb about it. the The … Read more