Feds’ and ‘Not Dead Yet’ Get Cast Changes – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The role of television pilots is to serve as a prototype for a series. Sometimes the networks make changes to this prototype when they do mass production with a mass order, which unfortunately affects the talent. Two of ABC’s new series, The recruitit is Federals spin-off, titled by Niecy Nash, and comedy starring Gina Rodriguez Not dead yet are going through the process this year.

Nash was one of four actors who starred in the two-episode arc of The recruit, which served as a backdoor pilot for The Recruit: Feds. Three of them, Nash, who plays the FBI Academy’s oldest recruit, Frankie Faison and Felix Solis, will continue on the new series. The fourth, Kat Foster, won’t go because her role, Special Agent Casey Fox, won’t move forward.

The changes are bigger on ABC’s new comedy series not dead yet where only half of the six series regulars in the pilot will continue in that capacity on the show: star and executive producer Rodriguez, Joshua Banday and Angela Gibbs.

In a retooling, not dead yet will rely more heavily on the workplace, with the female friendship storyline being phased out. As a result, Jessica St. Clair and Mary Elizabeth Ellis will not be continuing the series. One of the main pilots, Rick Glassman, will remain but not as a series regular.

not dead yet follows Nell Stevens (Rodriguez), a self-proclaimed broke, newly single disaster who lands the only job she can find – writing obituaries – and begins to get life advice from an unlikely source.

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